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Experience the expertise of Hollywood’s trusted fitness trainer in your home

This exercise programme is proven to achieve remarkable, long-term results.

Now is always the time to take control of your health and well-being. Join me in this video series and discover a world of realistic, sustainable fitness that goes beyond aesthetics. Unleash your inner potential, achieve exceptional results, and embrace long lasting vitality, confidence, and fulfilment.

How to use the video series

My innovative series is segmented into three key components, each with a particular focus area: Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core.

Each workout is concisely structured, lasting approximately 10 to 15 minutes without the need for any additional equipment. The focused, bite-sized workouts allow you to efficiently target and refine specific areas of the body, facilitating a holistic and balanced approach to your ongoing fitness and wellness.

Staged progression

The program is further distinguished by a three-tiered progression system. Each phase is 2 weeks in duration and is designed to challenge, invigorate and yield results.

Stage 1: Foundation

Commencing with ‘Foundation’ in the initial two weeks, you’ll be introduced to fundamental human movement principles. This grounding phase will enable you to build a robust fitness base.

Stage 2: Believe

Moving onto ‘Believe’ in weeks three and four, the workouts will intensify, requiring you to harness your mental strength and believe in yourself. This stage aims to push you beyond your comfort zone, whilst ensuring progression is steady and safe.

Stage 3: Progress

Finally, the ‘Progress’ phase in weeks five and six will offer a chance to push yourself further and celebrate your journey. You’ll use advanced exercises to challenge you, pushing you to achieve your utmost potential.

Biweekly Structure

Throughout these six weeks, you are encouraged to complete each biweekly progression three to five times per week. This structured repetition helps cement learning, ensuring each movement and technique becomes second nature.

Transformed Perspective

At the end of this six-week journey, not only will you have cultivated strength and resilience, but you’ll also have a transformed perspective on your fitness. Your commitment to this program is a commitment to a healthier, stronger, more confident you.

Your transformative fitness experience awaits. Join my members only YouTube series and take the first step to a better you.

Samuel L Jackson

When I met David, I was broken, physically. He patiently and caringly put me together again. Since then he has done wonders for motivating me and maintaining my physical health. His combination of strength Pilates, stretching and active release can’t be compared to anything I’ve ever done and the results are nothing short of spectacular’.

Jodie Comer

Since training with David I have felt my best both physically and mentally. David’s approach to his training has taught me the Importance of showing up for myself and that consistency is key. With David’s expertise, I am now able to appreciate my own capability and recognise when my muscles are activated correctly. This has changed my life drastically as I now have a whole new approach to working out which has given me greater results. His sessions are tough but David is deeply encouraging and when you’re not catching your breathe he has you laughing…with one of his awful jokes.