"My 21-day body reset plan is a simple guide which will help you regain control and get you back to the active life you love"

Movement and postural correction

The initial 21-day Body Reset is a corrective exercise programme that will close the gap between how you currently move and how you should move. It will only take 21 minutes a day and will put you back on the right path physically.

Deconstruct and reset

In technical terms, what we’re doing is ‘deconstructing your movement into its foundational pieces’. We’re going to teach the body the different types of movement – extension, rotation and flexion. There are parts of the body that need mobilising and other parts that need strengthening. Once you’ve completed the reset phase, you will integrate the two.

21 days to change the way you move

On paper, the exercise part of the 3-week programme may look easy. It’s just 21 minutes a day for 21 days. But these 21 days are about changing the way you move and about fixing your body – getting you ready for the next part of the programme. I want your new way of moving to be drilled into your mind by the time the 21 days are up.

The 21 day food plan

Diet is king when it comes to losing weight. My 21- day food programme is simple – there’s no sugar, no alcohol and no fried food. But there is intermittent fasting, which gives your body time to reset. There’s nothing new in the practice of fasting and, in fact, there have been studies investigating the potential positive effects as far back as the 1940s.

Temporary abstinence is easier to stomach than total denial. I’m going to give you a simple and all-inclusive meal plan which will show you what to eat over the next 3 weeks.

Start the transformation

Once you’ve completed my 21-day Body Reset Programme, you’ll be wondering what comes next. The answer is that you can now step up the exercise programme. You’ll have changed the way your body moves and how you relate to it so now it’s time to put those changes into action.

The Transformational Programme, is a more physically exhausting set of exercises. Continue doing this programme until week 10, when you should return to a week of Reset. Finally, in weeks 11–16 you will go back to the Transformational Programme.

Quality over quantity

When you do these exercises, don’t worry about the number of repetitions you do, but instead concentrate on doing them well. This is about the quality of the movement not the quantity. As you get stronger and fitter, you will be able to do more.

For each exercise I have included 2 workouts to give you some variety. They are both all about 3 major moves of rotation, pushing and pulling. Do these exercises 5 times a week for 6 weeks once you have completed the 21-day Body Reset. In week 10, take a recovery week, and return to the exercises from week 3. Finally return to the Transformational Workout for the last 5 weeks.

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