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How it all started

I grew up in Australia, and was always a sporty kid. I played Aussie Rules Football from a young age. It took over my life and was my great sporting love. At 19, I was studying Exercise Rehabilitation at Victoria University, playing Aussie Rules Football for the University Blacks and at state level for Victoria.


Unfortunately, during that same year I was injured after an illegal tackle. I dislocated my shoulder and tore my ribs from my sternum. Doctors told me I was no longer allowed to play contact sport and would need surgery. It was the first time I learned how debilitating pain can be. Refusing to have surgery and after about 6 months of feeling sorry for myself, I woke one morning and realised that my body had totally stopped using my left shoulder. It was so locked, I couldn’t even raise my arm above my head! It was then and there, I decided that I was going to be my first exercise rehab client.

Pain free

Through a combination of hard work, rehab exercises, Pilates and over coming that voice in the back of my head saying, ‘you can’t fix this with just exercise, you need surgery’, I was pain free and back to living an active life 12 months to the day of my injury. Coincidently, I graduated soon after and to celebrate, I went travelling around the world. I landed in London in late 2004 and had a burning desire to open my own boutique gym. The initial concept was to be a strength, conditioning and Pilates hybrid workout, based on a reformer machine. Basically putting everything I had learnt from my own experiences into a workout that would not just achieve amazing aesthetic results, but I would bullet proof my clients bodies. The workout aimed to also correct common muscle imbalances our body’s develop living this modern lifestyle.

Continuing the work

Two years later, I opened the first (that was to be a chain of boutique) gyms, physio clinics and pilates studios inLondon, which I have since sold. After that, I set up a consultancy company and worked as a personal and physical trainer in films and TV. To this day I continue to working within film and TV and have recently co-founded a new private gym concept called BodySPace (www.body-space.co.uk) with locations in Knightsbridge, Chelsea and at The Corinthia Hotel in London.

The Hollywood Body Plan

I wrote The Hollywood Body Plan, because I love helping people. I want to bring the knowledge I have acquired in my 15 years in the industry to a wider audience. People come to me broken, they have muscle pain, they’re stressed and terrified of makingIt worse by exercises incorrectly. The famous have the same problems as the rest of us.


When I met David, I was broken physically. He patiently and caringly Put me back together. Since then, he has done wonders for motivating me and maintaining my physical health. His combination of strength, Pilates, Stretching and active release can’t be compared to anything I’ve ever done and the results are nothing short of spectacular.

Recent Filmography

Wonder Woman 1984
Cast Physical Trainer
Maleficent 2
Cast Physical Trainer
The Aeronauts
Cast Physical Trainer
Spider-Man: Far From Home
Cast Physical Trainer
Holmes & Watson
Physical Trainer to Will Ferrell
Mary Queen of Scots
Physical Trainer to Margot Robbie
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
Cast Physical Trainer
Patient Zero
Cast Physical Trainer
Mission: Impossible - Fallout
Physical Trainer to Rebecca Ferguson
Ready Player One
Cast Physical Trainer
Justice League
Cast Physical Trainer
Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Cast Physical Trainer
The Hitman's Bodyguard
Cast Physical Trainer to Samuel L Jackson
Wonder Woman
Cast Physical Trainer to Gal Gadot
Cast Physical Trainer
Kong: Skull Island
Cast Physical Trainer to Samuel L Jackson

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